Kaprun-Spa-World update

Not really much to report, the build for Kaprun Spa World continues, when completed it will be the second largest spa in Austria, and it will be for the public to decide whether it is the best one?

But based on the location and experience of other spas across Austria, it will be something very special, a place to relax, unwind, enjoy, rejuvenate and reflect.

The above photo links to a website putting the case, that spas add to the appeal of making the Austrian resort and surrounding areas more of a 365 day all year round holiday location.

For clarification purposes "therme" means "spa" in German "Bad" means "Bath" and is often added to a town′s name if it has a spa, for example Bad Gastein.

To see further information and pictures click on the link Tauern-spa-world-Kaprun

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