Spa-world, kaprun visitors expectations.

The construction of the new spa complex continues, the architects for the Kaprun scheme can be found at and via the attached link there are artists impressions of how the the finished complex will look.

Estimates are being made about the expected number of visitors to the complex. In the Salzburger Fenster website article there is speculation that once built there will be between 270,000 to 350,000 visitors during the course of the year.

At the higher end of the figures this comes in at about 1,000 visitors a day. Based on an opening time of say 12 hours and say a 4 hour average stay, it comes to having around 333 in and around the complex at any one time. This may sound high but considering the size of the complex, and experience of similar spas in the Gastein valley ( Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein), the numbers do look to be realistic.

I am not aware of any costings being announced, but I would expect these to be published nearer to completion and in line with the fees with the spas in the Gastein valley.

Anyway what ever the numbers and the cost, I feel sure that it will be worth waiting for.

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