Krimml Waterfalls declared a Health Spa!

A visit to Krimmler Waterfalls stimulates a sustainable, functional, symptomatic and immunological improvement in people who suffer from asthma, this clinical study is based on 1803 findings!

Dr Paul Oberlechner, the then chief medical officer of Zell am See, described the waterfalls as follows:-

"The Krimmler Waterfalls as a remedy for city life and sensibility" 

.... because the spa surpasses all the medication under the sun for nervous debility, caused by city life, sedentary habits, headache, stress, grief, strong coffee, excessive medication or bloodletting, poor diet, insomnia, abstinence of meat dishes, strict diet, pubescent or excessive lust, self abuse and menstruation, where reading novels and sensibility arise. Those who love simplicity will find the health spa a worthwhile experiment – and anyone not familiar with it should visit at the first opportunity. Here you can experience weak and strong forces, the gentle and the powerful, yes, and I would even say, the mild and the radical, which not only serve to alleviate the previously mentioned nervous symptoms, but also act as a source of healing in the case where such debilities are, in part or full, the result of some mechanical cause". (Source: Salzburger Landes¬chronik).

For the full story please see the attached link 

The Krimml waterfalls are still worth visiting,  and claim to be one of the highest waterfalls in Europe.


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