Decking out Ceremony marks the half way stage

"Tauern Kaprun SPA World"
The construction of the site in Kaprun have so far moved 55,000 cubic meters of excavation (which is about the excavation of 65 single-family homes), 45,000 metres drilled holes, 25,000 cubic meters of concrete used and 120 km cables installed.
The construction of Spa-world-kaprun has so far involved the removal of 55,000 cubic meters of excavation, which is the equivalent of 65 single family homes, 45,000 metres of holes have been drilled, 25,000 cubic meters of concrete laid, and over 120 KM of cables laid.
With the “Decking out Ceremony” it marks the half way stage of the construction process, with the spa due to be completed by December 2010. A 4* luxury hotel is also being constructed adjacent to the wellness and spa complex.

For further photographs on the decking out ceremony see the attached link

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